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A new Montana law now in place allows a non-resident Montana hunter who possesses 1 Preference Point for 2024 and can now buy a 2nd Preference Point up until December 31, 2024. Giving the applicant 2 Preference Points going into the 2025 drawing.

Going into the 2024 drawing, outfitted clients will have the opportunity to purchase an additional preference point in the application year. (This was accomplished by Montana Outfitters & Guides Association (MOGA) as part of HB 637 and will afford stability in licensing for the outfitting industry).

Key Elements of Montana’s Preference Point Reform:

      • Increases the cost of non-resident preference points from $50 to $100 each but also increases your chance to draw a permit, this generates additional revenue for Montana FWP and prices the Preference Point System appropriately with other states.
      • Returns the system of two preference points in two years, which will help clear the drawing pool more rapidly and return the desired predictability. Provides for the purchase of one preference point per year and allows up to a 2nd preference point for outfitted hunters going into the next season and may hold up to three Preference Points.
      • Establishes a use it or lose it condition by requiring consecutive license applications, which will help clear the pool more rapidly and return the desired predictability.
      • Allows those who applied to the general draw with preference points but were unsuccessful to be included in the alternate list for drawing. This is a simple fairness issue and corrects an oversight that excludes non-residents WITH preference points from the Alternate list drawing.

Book your Montana Elk/Deer Combo Hunt with Ford Creek Outfitters and get a free Preference Point, on us, we will purchase your Preference Point.

Call or email us if you would like to secure a hunt today for the fall big game season.

      • You will need at least 2 Preference Points to successfully draw in the coming year. So let us buy your Preference Point with a booked hunt prior to December 31. Hunters will have the perfect amount of Preference Points if you buy prior to December 31, this year.
      • This year in March, we will handle every aspect of your Montana Big Game licensing to ensure you are successful in receiving your Montana Big Game Combo hunting license in the April drawing.

Call Ford Creek Outfitters at 406-562-3672

Call Travis directly on his cell at 406-781-9333 or email him at to receive detailed hunt dates and availability for upcoming fall hunting season.

Please fill out our online application form completely and make sure to click the submit button. 

The information you provide in the application form above is used by Ford Creek Outfitters to buy you your preference point for your Montana Big Game combo hunting license. (Please note: The Montana Fish and Game asks us for each of these details when applying for your PREFERENCE POINT).