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Preference Point Application

Preference Point Application

The information you provide below is used by Ford Creek Outfitters to buy your preference point for your Montana big game hunting license. The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks requires each of the below details when applying for your preference point. Ford Creek Outfitters will buy this preference point if you have formally booked your hunt with us before September.

  • All applicants applying since 2001 will have an ALS number. If you know that you have an ALS number but have forgotten it, please call Montana Fish and Game at 406-444-2950 and they can retrieve it for you. If you know you do not have one write (none) above, an ALS will be generated when we buy your first preference point.
  • All statements on this form are true and correct. I have not made more than one application per license and species. I understand that if I subscribe to any false statement in this application that I am subject to criminal prosecution. MCA 87-6-302, 304.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.